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Mario, an Unchanging Force in an Ever-Changing World

How Super Mario remained relevant by staying the same. The World’s Most Popular Plumber Mario is one of the most popular fictional characters in video game culture — and perhaps all media — of the last century. The mere sight of a red cap with a big mustache under it has become as much of a symbol as the Mickey Mouse silhouette.  Mario has been in many different worlds and sports across many different generations of video games. He has been around from humble beginnings in old arcades all the way up to the current platform, Nintendo Switch. Through it all, he has worn many…

Creation in Norse Mythology

The origins of Life, The Universe, and Everything, according to Norse Mythology – the people who brought you Vikings, long boats, and white people with dread locks. GINNUNGAGAP In the beginning of Norse Mythology, before there was anything at all, there was… well… nothing. Then, suddenly, two realms popped into existence. These two worlds, the very first in the universe of Norse mythology, were in stark contrast to each other. One was a world of ice and fog, the other one of fire and heat. Between these two worlds was an immense abyss, called Ginnungagap (translation – “gaping abyss” or…

A Day in a Slop Shop

A Rough Start “You’re going to hate it,” Jose said. Jose was the assistant manager. He had just shared the unfortunate news that I would need to work at a different location today. “It’s gross over there. Sloppy, grimy…. nobody likes the location.” He apologized, said the usual “it’s not my choice” nonsense. He meant it in a way. He didn’t want to make me leave, but the regional director — arbiter of all that is just and true in the tri-county area — had decreed that my presence was required elsewhere. That regional director was in our shop, standing right next to Jose,…


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Daniel Goncalves (D.C. Gonk)

Hello! I am an independent writer located in the New York Metro Area. I’ve written novels, articles, essays, and poems. This site is where most of my work lives.