A place for me, a disgruntled Portuguese-American football/soccer fan, to spew my frustrations with the beautiful game as it is handled in America. I will be complaining about the MLS and the USMNT, analyzing games using knowledge from years of coaching and playing soccer (but more importantly, nearly two decades of playing FIFA), and generally spitballing any nonsense that comes off the top of my head as long as it relates to football (soccer).

Denmark vs The Czech Republic

A great game from two “underdog” teams Kickoff for the Danes against the Czechs. I’ll be writing this as I watch. I love these kinds of games, where two teams that are fairly talented with a couple of well-known players go up against each other. It’s a refreshing break from all of the teams like England and Spain where you know exactly what to expect from each player on the field. The Danish and Czech teams are more unpredictable, not as well known, and they have nothing to lose. Each player is fighting for their life because this could be…

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The Swiss hang tight against Spain, but lose in Penalties

A somewhat opinionated (and slightly drunk) commentary on this wild match. Scrolling through Twitter looking at activity from the Cooligans and Men In Blazers when I realize, by god! Its already past noon! I’ve missed the kick-off for the game! A quick sprint down the hallway to the kitchen for a can of Miller Lite (more for hydration purposes than effect) and a reach for the remote to flip on the television and I’m shocked to see that Spain are already ahead. It isn’t a surprise that Spain is leading, but to go ahead so early is impressive for the…

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Being a Soccer Fan in America is Miserable Pt. 1: The MLS

Being a soccer fan in America is miserable Pt 1: The MLS. Complaints that will never be heard, shot out into the ether that is the internet, from a lonely soccer fan in need if a better American Soccer system. First of all, while I’m proud to be an American, I’m generally ashamed of most things related to American Soccer. We lose our world cup qualifying matches to teams like Trinidad & Tobago. We sat by and let legends like Landon Donavon rot away at home during the end of his career (during which time he was still at peak…

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